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CyberPearl is located in the heart of Hyderabad’s growth centre. Numerous MNC campuses, commercial facilities and extensive social infrastructure are located nearby the park. Opened in 2004, CyberPearl was the first park in Hyderabad to feature a fully equipped health club and business centre. In-house amenities include a large food court, restaurant, meeting rooms, conference and recreational facilities.

City or Zone:


Registered Office: Unit no. 7 & 8,1st Floor, Pinnacle Building, International Tech Park, CSIR Road, Taramani Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600113

Corporate Office: Plot # 17, Software Units Layout, Madhapur Hyderabad 500081


No. of Floors

Super Built Up Area
sq m (sq ft) (approx)

Avg. Floor Plate
sq m (sq ft) (approx)

Block I

G + 6

19,695 (212,000)

4,148 (44,650)

Block II

G + 6

20,160 (217,000)

3,439 (37,000)


39,855 (429,000)

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